Simple Valentine’s Day Heart Light Craft Project

This simple Valentine’s Day heart light decorating craft project is a super popular one with Sunday school classes and even Girl Scout troops. It is really unique and somewhat of a retro craft project. I am not too sure how many kids still get to make this awesome Valentine’s Day heart light craft.
I think this is really a great Valentine’s Day craft for any kid out there though. They can even hang it in their bedroom on Valentine’s Day for a fun holiday night light! Or you could use it to decorate your office!

To Make This Simple Valentine’s Day heart light Craft Project You Will Need:

  • 2 string of wire heart shaped garland in any color
  • Baby food jars and their lids
  • String of mini Christmas tree lights red if you can find them
  • Red or pink spray paint
  • Glue Stick
  • Glue Gun
  • Wire clippers or scissors
  • Box cutter

Now, this is one of those holiday craft projects that you may want to be around while the kids are making it to ensure their safety.

The first step is to have the kids lay some newspaper out in the yard. They should spread out all of the baby food jar lids out and paint them with the spray paint. I like to use red or pink spray paint, but you can choose whatever color paint you want.

Now, let them dry completely.

Now, use the box cutters to out a small V in the middle of each lid. You may want to help the kids make the first few cuts until they are comfortable using the box cutter.

Now, hot glue all of the lids together in a Valentine’s Day heart shape. They should use all but of the lids needed for the heart. Now, I personally think epoxy glue is the best for this simple project, but hot glue will dry a lot faster.

Now, you need to cut off individual pieces of your wire heart embellished string garland for each baby food jar. Each piece needs to be about 7 inches long. I find this simple wire garland at the craft store all of the time. It does cut simply with scissors, but older kids might feel important with the wire cutters. For small kids you could pre cut this wire garland into pieces for them.

Now, have the kids curl up each piece of garland inside of the baby food jars. Obviously one piece is inside of each little jar. They should be pressed closely to the bottom of the jar.

Now, flip the jar lid shaped Valentine’s Day heart face down on a clean work surface. Have the kids start screwing on all of the glass baby food jars to the lids.

Flip the heart over.

Now, start at the top of the tree and start insert the individual Christmas tree lights into the V’s the kids cut on the lids. One per jar if you want. Work you way zig zagging down the tree.

End on one side of the bottom row of jars. Be sure you left enough of the string of lights hanging out so it can reach a plug in the house.

Now, you are finished! This simple lighted Valentine’s Day heart project looks great sitting on top of a dresser leaning on the wall. If you’d like to see more craft projects you might like this video.