Top Websites: DIY, Tools and Crafts information

I thought I would share some of my favorite wood-work and DIY blogs I’ve discovered while browsing  recently, since I know if you’re interested in my blog you must be reading about craftsmanship etc. Some of these websites produce quality tool reviews, while some others offer how-to style guides to do with wood working.



family handy man



familyhandyman logo

The Family Handy man publishes a lot of fantastic content. It’s the perfect place to go and check out how to guides for all sorts of household and DIY tasks. The Family Handyman magazine is one of the oldest DIY publications about, so you can be sure they have knowledge and experience in this area.



Drill Press Pro


Their articles cover a wide array of subjects, but mostly are focused around the drill press. They take a deep dive into the subject of drill presses and go through the various different types, benchtop models, floor standing models, and the small drill press. They also write about tons of different accessories that you’ll likely be familiar with as a hobbyist, so if I’m looking to upgrade my toolkit I usually stop by.



The Spruce Crafts

This is another DIY bog that has a lot of awesome content. They write about DIY projects from sewing and knitting to wood work and virtually any hobby you can imagine.