Best Hand Saw For Wood Working

When people need to saw through a wooden object, their first instinct is usually to reach for a power tool like the chain saw. If not a chain saw, then something similar that has a powerful motor. In my opinion this is a mistake as you’re missing out on the beauty of the hand saw if you do this! There are plenty of times when a hand saw is more useful than a power tool. This is because they are nimble rather than bulky and hard to cart around. The best hand saw for wood is easily more efficient than a chainsaw at doing small and accurate cuts. That being said, picking the best hand saw is not an easy task. this is because there are simply so many different options available. They offer different levels of quality for varying prices. After reading this article you should be better equipped to deal with finding the best hand saw for your task of choice.



Hand saws are not particularly difficult to use, but only if you have the right one for the job at hand. Once you find the perfect hand saw everything will become a breeze. When people hear about hand saws they generally think of the usual type with a wedge shaped blade, however, there are a lot of different types to consider. Let’s narrow down the options by looking at the specific types in greater detail.

One fairly common choice is the hacksaw. They are good for cutting both metal and wood, but are more often used on metal like aluminum. The hack saw is constructed by a frame that doubles as a handle and holds a replaceable blade. The teeth on hack saws are much smaller than those on regular hand saws, this means that cutting is more slow, but also more precise. Then there’s the coping saw. Very similar to hacksaw but with a sticking out piece on the handle instead of the U shaped design. They’re also quite a bit smaller than the hacksaw, and thus are used for work on smaller objects. They’re a fantastic option for when you need maximum precision, the blade can even be adjusted to an angle to make more difficult cuts. Lastly, but most importantly if you’re reading this article to find a hand saw for wood work – it’s the regular manual saw, also known as the hand saw. They are owned by almost everyone around the globe because they’re so versatile. Mostly they’re used for cutting planks, but they can also be used trimming tree branches and much more. Your imagination is the limit here! Check here for more information.

Let’s check out the top pick!

IRWIN Tools 20 inch Universal Handsaw

IRWIN is well known to produce reliable tools, and has an extremely good reputation within the DIY community. This hand saw from irwin has triple ground teeth that allow it to cut through wood 3 times faster than any normal saw. The unusual looking nose on this saw is because it has a tapered pitch to add stability. The hand grip is made from high density resin formed into a very ergonomic handle, ensuring maximum comfort while you’re using the saw. All around, this is a fantastic hand saw from a very reputable manufacturer.