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Girls Guide to Setting Up a Home Office

Here are a few tips for women to consider when setting up a home office. With a little work, you can set up a nice, clean workspace just for yourself.

1. Choose a room with windows and a phone jack if possible.

When choosing a spare room in your home (if you are fortunate to have one) in which to create your home office, choose one, if possible, with windows and a phone jack. The window will allow you as much natural light as possible and will help keep you from being bored. If you set your desk up near the window, it will help elevate your mood while you work.

You need a phone jack to connect your fax machine, and possibly your telephone. For example, if you are planning on having a dedicated phone line for your office, you may wish to purchase a phone with an answering machine as well. However, if you already have a phone system in your home that includes satellite receivers that simply need to be plugged into the wall, that one phone jack can simply be used for your fax machine.

2. Set ground rules regarding your office with your family.

If you have small children, this step is a must. You want to ensure that there are no misinterpretations regarding your expectations for your new office. For instance, read more